[GEA Malaysia] Golden Eagle Award

Jackson Ong, the Managing Director of Filter Man Supply Sdn. Bhd (third from left) is confident that FilterMan's turnover will exceed 100 million yuan in the next three years. From left are Liu Honghui and Cai Zhaoyuan. From right are Lu Cuifei, Luo Ailing and Filterman operation consultant Chen Meijuan.


(Kuala Lumpur, 19th) In recent years, people pay attention to healthy, daily life and diet, especially the drinking water that must be drunk every day. This has prompted the business of water filters and drinking fountains to emerge as the times require, and they have almost become essential household items for every household.

There are various types of water dispensers and water filters on the market, ranging from a few hundred ringgits to tens of thousands of ringgits. Consumers can choose according to their own preferences and abilities.

When consumers purchase various types of water dispensers or water filters, they may not even imagine that many related brand-name products are locally produced by the local company FilterMan

With his hard work, after 21 years of hard work, he devoted his time and youth, in exchange for FilterMan's current scale, it has become an expert in the domestic OEM production of water dispensers.

Now FilterMan has expanded its business and become an OEM of water filters and water dispensers. Its OEM water dispensers account for 90% of the market share.

FilterMan strives for excellence, and now has the ability to manufacture various types of water dispensers.

Currently, FilterMan, located in Sungai Buloh, employs 140 employees, and its business is thriving.

FilterMan cooperates with more than 100 domestic operators including OEM and ODM. After fully mastering the water dispenser manufacturing technology in China and South Korea, FilterMan invested a huge amount 5 years ago and was promoted from a wholesaler to an OEM of water dispensers, producing all kinds of water dispensers.

At present, FilterMan manufactures water dispensers for many direct selling companies, and the company has become a leader in local water dispenser manufacturers.

FilterMan manufactures a wide range of water dispensers and filters for household, commercial and industrial use.


19th October 2019