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Water tank capacity  (H) 1.5L   (N) 0.7L   (C) 3.0L
 Power consumption (H) 540W ~550W   (C) 78W ~ 84W
Water temperature  (H) 85'C ~ 95'C       (C) 6'C ~ 10'C
Dimensions   (W) 290mm x (D) 420mm x (H) 520mm
Step 1. 10'' sediment
Step 2. 10'' pre carbon
Step 3. 10'' silver carbon
Step 4. 10'' post carbon



  1. hot and cold water 
  2. compressor cooling
  3. antibacterial stainless steel water storage tank
  4. safe and purified water to drink ( normal water )
  5. certified multistage water purification filiters
  6. food grade materials
  7. child safety devices
  8. equipped hot & cold power saving button.


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