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Hot water (H) Direct heating system
Cold water (C) ABT. 0.9L
Heating temp. 40'c / 70'c / 80'c
Cooling temp. 6'c ~ 10'c
Power consumption (H) 2500w   (C) 100w
Cooling method Direct cooling system
Dimensions (W) 180 x (D) 514 x (H) 407mm

  1. Step 1. Micro carbon filter ( carbon block ) - 4mth
               * Micro carbon filter reduces sediment particles such as dirt and sand down to                  nominal 5 micron in size from feed water, and absorbs some of harnful                          organic chemicals such as chlorine , bad taste and odor.
  2. Step 2. Nanofact plus filter ( cellulose + compressed carbon block ) - 12 mth
             * Removing water contaminants more than 0.25um such as wterbirne, colon                   bacillus, bacteria and noro virus.        



  • SELF STERILIZAT BY UV LED UV sterilizataion can streilize more than 90% of the bacteria, colon bacillus and staphylococcus aureus.
  • DIRECT CHILLING SYSTEM airless direct chilling system can offer more hygienic water.
  • DIRECT HEATING SYSTEM direct heating system can make the hot water instantly and can save the electrcity.
  • SMART NOZZLE freelyadjust the length of nozzle.
  • 3 STAGE HOT TEMPERATURE easy to adjust 40 / 70/ 80 degrees hot water.
  • 3 STAGE DISCHARGE QUANTITAIVE WATER easy to adjust 120ml / 550ml / 1500ml discharge water.
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