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Water tank capacity  (H) Tankless [direct heating ]
                                (C) Tankless [direct chilling ]
Power consumption (H) 2500w   (C) 90w
Water temperature (H) 55'c / 70'c / 80'c    (C) 6'c ~ 10'c
Net weight 15kg
Dimensions (W) 240mm x (D) 488mm x (H) 370mm

Built -in filters
Step 1. micro carbon filter
Step 2. nano fact filter
Step 3. post - carbon filter

SPECIAL FEATURES: Hot water temperature can be adjusted as 55'c ,70'c and 80'c by touching the temperature hot water button
- Eco mode
- Direct cooling system
- Hot water temperature can be adjusted as 55'c, 70'c & 80'c
- Quantity control function ( 120 / 250 / 500ml ) 
- stylish design
- one touch dispense water


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